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One of the funniest things I've seen on New Ground

At first I thought the humor was just a bad Family Guy immitation, but then the story got rolling and I realized that this cartoon and a style of its own, sophmoric but strangely intellectually stimulating. Anyways it really caught my attention and I genuinely enjoyed it.

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cobra0528 responds:

Thank you...I am glad you like it

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I have to admint I'm a fan... but this was the best yet, my brain really hurtified. I'm sure I haven't seen everything yet, either. The best part about this game was it really appealed to me, being a fan of such movies as BraveHeart and the Patriot.


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Lot's of fun

Normally I dislike stripped down versions of games on New Grounds, but in this case I was glad for the oppurtunity to play this game. It was very interesting the combination of poker and real estate. I wish the real estate part was a tad more developed. Also, for those who complain the dealing is slow, you can speed it up in the options.

This game, is not worth 19.99 for the "premium" version. I would have paid 5.00 though.

Lots of fun

I disagree with a lot of comments below... sometimes I really hate TD games with 5000 types of turrents. I really like the missions and awards.

I do agree that the spacing leaves something to be desired... especially in survival.

A bug: When the inevitable slowdown occurs in survival mode, the enemies move slowers and guns shoot slower, but the rate at which enemies comes out seems unaffected... doesn't seem right.

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You did not write this in thirty minutes!?

So wait a minute you're telling me you did this in thirty minutes with no mastering?

... if that's true then I hate you forever. :-)

Anyways very dramatic and moving for thirty minutes.

Zajed responds:

lol thanks, i just had to do 3 melodys lol and a few extras, so it isnt highendmusic, just a little thing i created because i was bored
thanks for the review

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